In this series we will study key passages in the timeless book of Shir Ha-Shirim, initially in their plain sense.  We will address key issues such as what love poems are doing in the Book of Books and what truths they reflect about loving relationships, as well as addressing the theological messages of the book through midrashic interpretations.  We will also enjoy listening together to adaptations of Shir Ha-Shirim's lyrics in modern Israeli music.

What's Love Got to Do With It? Part 1, Tuesday, Feb. 16

You Like ME? Expressions of Early Courtship in Shir Hashirim: Part 2: Tuesday, Feb. 23

Where Are You and Who are We? Building up the Relationship: Part 3: Tuesday, Mar. 2

So Close, Yet So Far: Highs and Lows in Shir Hashirim: Part 4: Tuesday, Mar. 9

The Finale: Is There Really Ever an End?: Part 5: Tuesday, Mar. 16



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