Please note that due to the time change in Israel (but not North America) class on Nov 4 begins at 1:00pm Eastern

This will be an eight-part series taking place on Thursdays at 12:00pm-1:00pm Eastern.

Although the centre of Jewish life moved in the Middle Ages to other places like Germany, Spain and Bagdad, Jews continued to live in the land of Israel and it remained the focal point of yearning for redemption. This course will examine major figures and events in the land of Israel in the Middle Ages, through the medium of virtual touring of sites. We will visit Jerusalem, Tzfat, Tiberias and more as we follow Nachmanides, Rabbi Saadia Gaon, Dona Gracia and others.

October 7: The Background: Crusaders and Muslims fight for the Holy Land

October 14: The Linguists: Masoretes and Poets in Tiberias

October 21: No class

October 28: The Renegades: Karaites and their opponents

November 4: The Dreamers and Rebuilders: Rabbi Yehuda Halevi and Nachmanides

November 11: The Rationalists: Maimonides and the Maimonidean Controversy

November 18: The Mystics: Tzfat’s Golden Age

November 25: The Redeemers: The Semicha Controversy and Dona Gracia’s Dream

December 2: The Messianists: The Shabbetai Tzvi Crisis

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