An Archaeological Exploration

Feb. 11, 1:00 pm: 
A Post Temple Life: Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai, Rabban Gamliel and Yavne

Feb. 18, 1:00 pm: 
Winds of War: Rabbi Akiva and the Bar Kokhba Revolt

Feb 25:
Purim: No Class

Mar. 4, 1:00 pm: 
The Survivors Rebuild: Rabbi Meir and the post Bar Kokhba Generation

Mar. 11, 1:00 pm: 
Oral Law Preserved: Rebbe and the Redaction of the Mishnah

Today’s shiur is sponsored by Naomi and Richard Shore in observance of the yahrtzeit of Richard’s father, Philip Shore, Shraga Mordechai ben Chaim Dov, z”l. May we be blessed with good health and long life.

Mar. 18, 1:00 pm: 
Everyday Life in the Time of the Mishnah

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