Live From the Biblical Museum of Natural History

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Slifkin

Wednesdays, 10:00am Eastern, 5:00pm in Israel 

Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin, founder and director of the Biblical Museum of Natural History near Beit Shemesh, presents an six-part miniseries. Fascinating insights into Torah, Jewish history and zoology are accompanied by the amazing animals and other exhibits at the museum. Sign up for this unique and entertaining educational experience.

There will be no class on May 29 or June 12 (Shavuot) 

May 15
The Animals of Pirkei Avot

May 22
The Techelet Controversy

June 5
Elephants & Mammoths

June 19
The Camel, the Hare, & the Hyrax

June 26
The Shemonah Sheratzim

July 3
Chicken Wars: Which Chickens are Kosher?

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