Zissy Turner serves on the Judaic Studies faculty at S.A.R High School in Riverdale, NY, teaching Tanakh and Gemara. She is certified as a Yoetzet Halakha through Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center. She has previously been Community Educator at Lincoln Square Synagogue, as well as Congregational Scholar at Kesher Israel Synagogue in Washington DC. In both places, Zissy facilitated programs and initiatives to engage and teach the vibrant Modern Orthodox community.

Zissy is a graduate of Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program in Advanced Talmud Study (GPATS), where she was a Wexner Graduate Fellow/Davidson Scholar. Zissy has taught in diverse communities across the United States and Great Britain, sharing her love for Torah and Mitzvot with Jews in all stages of life.