Ruth Shane is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She has a B.A. in biology from
Barnard College and a Master of Forest Science degree from The Yale School of the
Environment (previously the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science). She
taught high school biology for many years at The Fieldston School in Riverdale, New

Ruth returned to Baltimore and joined the Biochemical Genetics Lab of the
University of Maryland School of Medicine. She moved across town to the Molecular
Diagnostics Lab of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine from which she retired in
2020. These were her day jobs.

When Ruth returned to Baltimore, she also joined Rabbi David Fohrman, as student and
later as colleague, in his unique approach to Torah which he was developing at that
time. She combined the intertextual Torah study of Eretz Israel scholars with Rabbi
David’s insights and began teaching adult Tanach classes at Congregation Shomrei
Emunah in Baltimore. These are now her day jobs.