Ms. Miriam Krupka is Associate Dean at the Ramaz Upper School. Previously, Ms. Krupka chaired the Tanakh Department, shaping and building curriculum and identifying new and creative resources to help ensure that Torah learning at Ramaz continuously expanded in depth, sophistication, and richness. Ms. Krupka also teaches in the Jewish Law and Thought (JLT) Department and has taught interdisciplinary seminars and courses on Taharat haMishpacha and Jewish intimacy and family life.

Ms. Krupka completed a Masters in Jewish Philosophy from Columbia University where her thesis work focused on the messianic writings of Isaac Abarbanel. She has lectured widely to adult audiences in a variety of synagogues and community venues and is a sought-after lecturer on topics related to Tanakh, philosophy, and education. Ms. Krupka lives in Teaneck, NJ, with her husband, Dr. Ari Berger, and their sons, Etai and Gavriel and Shai.