Torah in Motion Presents the MaTaN Mother & Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

A Bat Mitzvah is an opportunity for a girl to prepare for her entry into Jewish adulthood by exploring what it means to be a Jewish woman. The aim of the Matan Bat Mitzvah program, Jewish Women Through the Ages, is to see how we, as Jewish women, are part of a chain across the generations, and how the Bat Mitzvah can serve as a bridge connecting the young girl to Jewish continuity.

The program consists of ten sessions during which mothers and daughters study sources ...

From the West Side to the West Bank

Shlomo Riskin is one of the most remarkable figures in post war Judaism. From his childhood in Brooklyn to his aliya and his becoming rabbi of Efrat, Israel, Rabbi Riskin revolutionized American Orthodox Judaism and also fulfilled the Zionist dream. In this very special dialogue with Dr. Elliott Malamet, you will learn about Rabbi Riskin's coming to Judaism as a teenager; his relationship with Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik; his becoming the rabbi of Lincoln Square synagogue at the age of...

The New World Disorder: Fundamentalism, Human Rights, and the Future of Democracy

See flyer here.

Collaboration With Death: Anti-Semitism Then and Now

Is anti-Semitism a phenomenon limited to certain isolated individuals, or is it a more common prejudice than is usually understood? Was the ordinary German or Pole a “willing executioner,” an enthusiastic party to hatred, or a victim of Nazi coercion during the Shoah? Seventy-five years after the start of the Second World War, what is the attitude towards Jews in Europe today? Can and will history repeat itself? These and other essential facets of anti-Semitism will be explored...

Journey Through Jewish History: Alluring Spain 2015

Here's what previous participants had to say about this trip:

"It was a distinct pleasure for me to be part of the wonderful group of people who made up the "Torah in Motion" group on this very special tour of Spain. It truly was an outstanding and memorable experience. With wishes for besurot tovot, and kindest regards." --Esther Konig


Journey Through Jewish History: Central Europe 2015

Join Torah in Motion for a unique and intellectually inspiring trip to Central Europe designed especially by Dr. Marc Shapiro.

Visit Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava (Pressburg), Eisenstadt, Sopron and many other sites off the beaten track. A central feature of the tour will be Dr. Shapiro's expert discussions of the many places we will visit, making the trip nothing less than a travelling classroom. In addition, we will be...

Journey Through Jewish History: Spectacular Italy 2015

Here's what previous participants had to say about their Journey Through Jewish History to Italy trip:


"Thanks to Torah in Motion, we were able to view Italy from two perspectives. Marc taught us Jewish-Italian history, taking us to fascinating places few tourists get to see. Native Italian guides showed us the iconic sites of Rome, Florence and Venice. This made the tour a wonderful, educational ...

Witness G-d's Creations: African Safari 2015

Here's what people say about previous tours:

"Going on safari to Africa: it evokes romantic images of a jeep ride across the bush to see “the big five” wild animals, then afternoon tea in camp on fine china.  Just in the movies, you say?  TIM’s African Safari delivers that and more, including breathtaking Capetown wrapped in a Torah environment and Rabbi Jay's warm hospitality." --Zev Shainhouse, Toronto,...

Journey Through Jewish History: Poland 2015

Join Torah in Motion for a unique and intellectually inspiring trip to Poland.

We'll be visiting Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, Lodz and driving through numerous shtetlach in Galicia and throughout Poland. Poland creates a challenge for Jewish tourists, as it is the heartland of Ashkenazic practice where Jewish life thrived and developed over the course of hundreds of years, yet it is also the center of the destruction of...


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"Thank you for a wonderful trip."

- - Eudice Greenfield, Skokie, Illinois

"Kudos to Marc – he made the trip a truly memorable and enjoyable experience."

- - Steve and Mali Schwartz

"Marc has been such an inspiration to us all. We couldn't have had a more interesting, knowledgable guide. He has so much to share, relating one aspect of Yiddishkeit as we may know it now to other, historical practices, and taking us to walk in the steps of our Sages--including...

- - Susan DeRosa

"It was a pleasure traveling with such a pleasant, interesting and impressive group of people. The number was small enough to know each other's names and to form a cohesive group. The trip was truly memorable--very meaningful. We are so glad that we went."

- - Sam and Susan Joffe