Become A TiMPass Holder

Join the Torah in Motion (TiM) community! A TiMPass is a monthly or yearly membership to Torah in Motion that comes with credits that can be redeemed in our Online Media Store as well as for registration to Online Programs (e-TiM) and Live Programs.

As a TiMPass holder, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Media Store. Gain access to hundreds of recorded lectures and shiurim by leading scholars, thinkers and teachers. Download them and enjoy them at your leisure, anytime and anywhere you like.
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  • Online Programs. Experience Torah like never before! e-TiM Online Programs allow you to hear and actively participate in live interactive classes being given from around the world. Learn Torah interactively from the comfort of your home or office, using nothing more than your computer and internet connection.
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  • Live Programs. Experience Torah in Motion's innovative, world-renowned live programming, with convenience and savings. Gold TiMPass holders gain entry to all programs, free of charge.
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See which TiMPass best suits your needs. Explore TiMPasses below:

Credits (per month) Price Automatic Renewal
Media Products Online Programs Live Programs
Gold TiMPass Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $249 / year Buy Now
Silver TiMPass 30 Unlimited - $10 / month Buy Now
$120 $95 / year
(21% savings)
Buy Now
Bronze TiMPass 10 - - $9 / month Buy Now
$111 $90 / year
(19% savings)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use TiMPass credits?
TiMPass credits are automatically calculated by the website and applied to your online shopping cart. All eligible items in your cart will become free, and you will be able to complete the online checkout free of charge.

  • Media Product credits apply to any MP3 or video in the Media Store.
  • Online Program credits apply to the registration fee for any Online Program.
  • Live Program credits apply to the registration fee for any Live Program. Torah in Motion Travel programs are not eligible for redemption of Live Program credits.

It is near the end of this month or year - should I wait until the beginning of next month or year to buy a TiMPass?
No - a TiMPass becomes active on its date of purchase, and remains active for its full duration, either 1 month or 1 year. For example, a 1-year TiMPass purchased on Dec. 12 2014 would remain active until Dec. 12 2015.

How does Automatic Renewal work?
If you purchase an automatically-renewing TiMPass, you will be prompted to agree to an automatic, recurring payment with PayPal during checkout. After doing so, your monthly TiMPass will renew automatically, drawing payment from the source of your choice through PayPal.
Automatic renewals can be cancelled at any time, hassle-free. On the 'My Account' page, you will find a 'Recurring Payments' tab, which you may access at any time in order to cancel your subscription. Any inadvertent renewal will be refunded immediately upon request.

How do I use my Gold TiMPass to gain free entry to Live Programs?
All Live Programs are open for registration online. When you register for a Live Program online, the registration fee will be deducted from your shopping cart, and you will be able to complete the checkout for free.
You will also be mailed a physical TiMPass card, which you can bring to all Torah in Motion events for free entry and benefits.